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HART: Dems Can’t Call Trump ‘Hitler’ For Years And Then Act Surprised

On Saturday, Donald Trump happened to turn his ample head at exactly the right time to miss being gravely shot by less than an inch. That would have left America with only two guys, both brain damaged, to vote for president in November...

America Uncanceled: Mercedes Schlapp and Jane Cook

Presidential historian and author of Revolutionary Readers Jane Cook talks her patriotic children’s book series with Mercedes Schlapp.  

Literacy rates are on the decline across the country and history has been deprioritized in public school systems. Cook is on a mission to change that. Her book series, Revolutionary Readers, aims to teach both history and reading to children of all ages. The books cover a broad spectrum of reading levels to teach reading and history at every age.  

The books also fill a hole in the market for American history books that teach reading.  

“I just felt like there was a huge need. Even though that statistic is terrible, I think there’s a hunger to want to learn about America. So, I developed this series,” explained Cook.  

Each book teaches a different patriotic topic such as, the history and meaning of the flag, the pledge of allegiance, and the song America the Beautiful.  

Cook is finding success with her books resonating with parents and children especially in the homeschool community and is now taking them to public school systems, showing how they fit with social studies curricula.  

Cook went on in the episode to weigh in on the 2024 presidential election as a presidential historian with advice to President Trump: 

“I really think that President Trump is well positioned that he can really champion America’s 250th and make that part of his presidency, to gin up excitement about celebrating America’s 250th birthday in 2026.” 

Watch the full conversation with Cook and Schlapp on CPAC+ and for more, follow @CPAC on social media. You can also follow Matt Schlapp @MSchlapp or Mercedes Schlapp @MercedesSchlapp to keep up with current events. 


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