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The Changed Meaning of Competence

In the aftermath of the assassination attempt on Donald Trump, there have been many questions concerning the competence of those assigned to prevent such an event. The key issue is whether and to what extent those charged with protecting his security displayed genuine competence at their jobs...

America UnCanceled: Natasha Owens joins to discuss her new song "The Chosen One"

President Donald Trump is a chosen one in Owens’ newest song, “The Chosen One”. She breaks down what the song means on America Uncanceled with Mercedes Schlapp.  

Some in the Christian community have reacted negatively to the song, thinking it glorifies and deifies President Trump. On the contrary, Owens put a great deal of consideration of Scripture into the song and consulted pastors before releasing it. 

“We have to make sure if we do, we write it in such a way that we show how an imperfect man can be used by a perfect God, and we see examples throughout the Bible and throughout time,” explained Owens. “I want to make it clear I’m not calling him the Messiah at all. I’m just saying that throughout time people are chosen.” 

The concept is based on the numerous stories in Scripture of God using humans to realize His will. Owens’ song simply presents Trump as an instrument for God’s will. She also calls it “a source of hope” through all the persecution the Left has thrown at Trump.  

Watch the full conversation on CPAC+.  


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The Culture Killers: The Woke Wars

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