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Trump on Surviving Assassination Attempt: ‘You Appreciate God Even More’

Former President Barack Obama has reportedly told allies in recent days that President Joe Biden's path to victory has greatly diminished, and he thinks the president needs to seriously consider the viability of his candidacy...

Battle Belongs with Coleton Furlow and Autry Benton

Why does such a red state have such a liberal legislature? Coleton Furlow and South Carolina State Senate Candidate Autry Benton discuss South Carolina politics and conservatism on the state level on this episode of Battle Belongs.  

CPAC rated the South Carolina legislature just 43% conservative overall in 2023, and representatives in the Senate were just 69% conservative. The incumbent, a former Democrat, for District 33, the district Benton is running for, is only rated at 60% with a 37% conservative lifetime rating.  

Why is such a conservative constituent population represented by such middle-of-the-road officials?  And how do the people of South Carolina change this? 

“I think it comes down to not compromising and number one, making sure that we are electing true conservatives, true conservative Republicans that believe what Republicans believe, I think, making sure we’re electing those and that we don’t have Rhinos,” theorized Benton.  

Benton is running to be the change in District 33. He is a native of Conway, South Carolina where he has raised his four children with his high school sweetheart wife, Amanda. He started in public service as a city council member for the city of Conway where he learned a lot about winning races and getting things done in elected office. He is a devout Christian and plans to act on his experience in city government to advocate for the needs of the people of Conway and District 33 informed by his Christian conservative principles.

Watch the full conversation on CPAC+ and follow @CPAC and @coletonfurlow for more.


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