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The US pier in Gaza is facing its latest challenge — whether the UN will keep delivering the aid

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S.-built pier to bring food to Gaza is facing one of its most serious challenges yet — its humanitarian partner is deciding if it’s safe to keep delivering supplies arriving by sea to starving Palestinians...

Center for Regulatory Freedom Continues to Push Back Against Administative Leviathan

Since "standing up" in July, the CPAC Foundation's Center for Regulatory Freedom has hit the ground running, getting involved in all kind of different proposals from the Biden administration to expand the size and scope of federal power, from proposals that will drive up the price of gas and childcare, to proposals that turn the idea of protecting pregnant women on it's head.

This fall and into the winter, we're continuing that push back, and we're going to need your help. Here is a summary of just some of the issues we're planning on being involved in:

  • The OSHA "Walkaround" Rule: The Biden administration is proposing a rule that would allow 3rd parties to accompany OSHA inspectors when they inspect a business--union representatives, trial lawyers, environmental activists, etc. This is yet another attempt within the Biden Administration's "whole of government" approach to regulations that, in this case, serves to advance their agenda of making it easier for Unions to unionize employees. We feel that this is violates basic standards of private property rights, has huge liability potentials, and comes with costs that OSHA has strongly underestimated. (Comments due in November)

  • ATF's So-Called "Gun Show Loophole" Rule: The Second Amendment is once again under attack by the Biden Administration, this time in a proposed rule from the Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco, and Firearms. Their stated position is that this closes a supposed "loophole" with regards to gun shows, but experts in the field know that no such loophole exists. We feel that this proposal targets lawful gun owners, potential lawful gun owners, and firearms manufacturers and dealers in a way that violates their basic 2nd Amendment rights, especially in light of recent Supreme Court caselaw. (Comments due in November)

  • FCC's "Net Neutrality" Proposal: The last time "Net Neutrality" was proposed, the left said it was necessary to prevent Internet Service Providers from censoring content, and that without Net Neutrality, the internet would die. Well, the internet didn't die, and now the left wants content censorship... yet the leftist-controlled FCC proposed Net Neutrality once again. Now, what they really want (in the name of national security), is even greater control over the internet, and they want to dictate (once again) what people pay for their internet service. (Comments due in December and January)

  • HHS Forcing Price Controls on Drug Manufacturers... Or Else: Former Chicago Mayor (and Chief of Staff to Barack Obama), Rahm Emanuel, famously said that politicians should never let a crisis go to waste. In the spirit of that, Democrats used the Orwellian-named "Inflation Reduction Act" to expand the federal government's power in the health care economy by, among other things, forcing drug makers to "negotiate" with the federal government over health prices (ie, be forced to take whatever drug price the Biden Administration wants). If you don't, your drugs will be slapped with a 95% excise tax--essentially doubling their price to consumers. (Comments due in December)

  • Implementation of the Left's Radical Environmental Agenda: CRF is diligently watching the Biden Administration's regulatory proposals for new attempts to implement their extremist, anti-human ideas in the widest variety of regulatory areas, whether it is their Electric Vehicle mandate, or mandates regarding so-called "green investing" (otherwise known as "ESG"). While there are no open rulemakings currently, CRF is going to keep our eyes open for any new opportunites to inject our common-sense, free-market, limited-government perspective.

There will be opportunities for you to get involved and file comments of your own with these agencies, so please keep coming back to take a look!


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