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CPAC in DC 2024: Where Globalism Went to Die

The theme of this year's CPAC national conference was "Where Globalism Goes to Die," and it's safe to say the conference succeeding in making a strong statement against globalism.

CPAC in DC 2024 welcomed a number of international representatives and heads of state to stand in solidarity to preserve the sovereignty of their individual nations. Representatives from the CPAC conferences in Hungary, Australia, and Japan along with member of the Brazilian government, Eduardo Bolsonaro, several former U.S. ambassadors, former President Donald Trump, and two current presidents of El Salvador and Argentina, Nayib Bukele and Javier Milei, joined forces at the conference as advocates of the freedom and independence of their respective countries.

The first ever CPAC International Summit united many of these representatives in conversation to reject globalism and protect the unique identities, needs, and democratic governments of each nation from Leftist, tyrannical administrative states. The summit resulted in the denouncing of the tyrannical regimes of Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, and Lula de Silva, the collusion of wealthy businessmen with bureaucrats and ideological operatives to impose further tyranny, and the ruthless attack on Israel by Hamas and the inhumane, anti-semitic attacks on Jewish students and establishments that followed.

The Left wants to destroy national sovereignty and crush the will of the people under bureaucratic and unelected entities like the World Health Organization, but CPAC is leading the charge to keep government for the people and by the people.

See more from CPAC in DC 2024 at and on social media @CPAC.


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