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The US pier in Gaza is facing its latest challenge — whether the UN will keep delivering the aid

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S.-built pier to bring food to Gaza is facing one of its most serious challenges yet — its humanitarian partner is deciding if it’s safe to keep delivering supplies arriving by sea to starving Palestinians...

CPAC International Summit Unites the World Against Globalism

Representatives from 20 different countries came to the table at CPAC’s first ever International Summit at CPAC in DC 2024. Country by country shared the struggles each is facing and the solutions the conservative movement in each country is working towards to stop globalism and preserve national sovereignty.  


Hungary is truly setting the example for combating the social engineering and globalism of the Left in Europe. They have protected children from radical transgender ideology, revived respect for family and life, and asserted autonomy over their borders. Their biggest challenge comes from the deep state of the European Union in Brussels. Hungary remains in the European Union with the hope of reforming it. 

Though their friends in England took the step to leave the European Union to regain their sovereignty, they continue to struggle domestically with their own deep state and hundreds of appointed bureaucratic positions filled with left-wing activists who wield unprecedented decision-making authority.  

“We have a major problem with our administrative bureaucracy not being responsible, responsive, and democratically accountable, and I think it’s got a lot worse,” elaborated former Prime Minister Liz Truss. 

England’s Pacific Commonwealth brothers and sisters in Australia are similarly facing challenges from within. Left-wing politicians have bloated the welfare system and attempted to drive a wedge between white Australians and aboriginal peoples with a proposal that would give special privileges to those of a certain race. The classical liberals succeeded in voting down the proposal and now, they are focused on voting left-wing state premiers out of office.  


Japan and South Korea are fighting to remain the beacons of freedom and democracy in Asia, but the communist forces from China and North Korea and the woke forces from the United States are threatening their independence, freedom, and cultures. U.S. Ambassador to Japan under Joe Biden, Rahm Emmanuel, has launched a social engineering assault on Japan, influencing a new law that allows the indoctrination of the Japanese people with LGBTQ ideology.  

South Korea, meanwhile, is facing threats from North Korea and the growing number of communist sympathizers in the South Korean government. Conservatives like Morse Tan and Annie Chan are fighting to keep South Korea free. 

Tan issued the reminder, “North Korea is not a paradise. It is one jail of a country, and it is what happens when communism has been tried anywhere in the world. It means that the communist elite sees everything and crush[es] their own people, and you have the purest form of communism in North Korea combined with the fourth largest military.” 

Latin America 

Countries in Latin America are facing their own struggles with influence from China and Iran and the weaponization of their governments from within. Argentina is making headway to turn its fortunes around with the election of President Javier Milei. Milei has revolutionarily promised to dismantle the administrative state. Other countries, especially Brazil, are still struggling under the rule of corrupt politicians, judges, and bureaucrats who are welcoming Chinese and Iranian funds and warships to South America and in turn, supporting the worldwide network of terrorists, including Hamas.  


Israel is taking these evil forces head on in their war with Hamas. 

“I think it’s clear to anybody who’s an observer that what’s happening right now in Israel is existential war that Israel finds itself in. Israel is standing in defense of the West, really, and this is just one front, and we’re all in this together,” said Yitz Tendler.  

The International Summit produced a set of resolutions which included the resolve to stand firmly with Israel.  

“CPAC calls on nations around the globe to stand on the side of Israel, to recognize Jerusalem as her proper capital, and to fight religious discrimination in all its forms,” the statement reads. “Further, CPAC stands with our close ally Israel and supports Israel’s military operations to achieve total victory in Gaza and other fronts. CPAC calls on Joe Biden to end the hostage crisis in Israel, and eliminate the Iran-backed Hamas terrorists.” 

Together, the representatives of the twenty countries at the inaugural CPAC International Summit united to stand together with Israel and against the tyrannical regimes in China, Russia, and Iran and the concerted effort of the Biden administration, the World Health Organization, and wealthy elites to impose the tyranny of globalism. 

Watch the full summit on X @CPAC and read the official resolution at  


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