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WHO: Gaza Death Toll Rises, Urgent Call for Humanitarian Aid

WHO Issues Urgent Appeal as Gaza Death Toll Soars, Humanitarian Crisis Deepens

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CPAC Internships and Law School Go Hand in Hand

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Legal internships are one of the many and exciting internship opportunities that CPAC offers. These internships in particular offer specialized, hands-on experience in the legal field while complementing and reinforcing the coursework of law school.

CPAC provided me with my first foray into the legal office experience. In addition to the exposure to contract review, compliance, and personnel work that comes from a normal legal internship, I was also able to work in advocacy and the state and federal level. Not to mention getting to work behind the scenes at the CPAC conference. CPAC provided a challenging internship through the summers, my 2L and 3L year, and all the way through studying for and passing the Bar exam. Though rigorous, CPAC always assured me that school would come first and was there every step of the way. I cannot think of a better way to start my legal career.

Experience all that a CPAC internship has to offer for yourself by applying for a Spring 2024 internship here.


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The Culture Killers: The Woke Wars

Watch this award winning documentary by CPAC. The woke wars are coming to a neighborhood near you. From major corporations to school boards to social media, free expression is under attack.

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