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Netanyahu to Address Congress Amid Ongoing War, US Election Shakeup

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address a joint session of the U.S. Congress on the afternoon of July 24...

CPAC Now: America UnCanceled: Matt & Mercedes Schlapp Speak in Madrid, Spain

Matt and Mercedes Schlapp joined Vox Spain and world leaders in Madrid, Spain for Europa Viva 24. They delivered empowering remarks on the rise of the conservative movement in America and Europe.  

“In America, vamos a ganar! In America we are going to win because Donald Trump is going to be our president again!” declared Matt Schlapp.  

America is heading toward a revival, and it is all leading up to November of this year, when Schlapp predicts that Americans will vote President Trump back into office. He observes that Americans are tired of the lies the Left has told them about their children, their family, and their faith, and they are now rising up against those lies to restore truth and freedom to their country.  

And the revival is not just in America. Like Americans are tired of the incompetency of President Biden, the people of Spain are tired of the weak leadership of PM Pedro Sanchez, and all across Europe, people are growing tired of the bureaucracy and globalism of the European Union.  

Mercedes Schlapp had an empowering message for European and American conservatives and conservatives worldwide: 

“You can’t be fearful. You have to stand up. You cannot bend. You have to fight because right now they want to destroy our civilization. They want to destroy our religion.” 

For more, follow @CPAC on social media. You can also follow Matt Schlapp @MSchlapp or Mercedes Schlapp @MercedesSchlapp to keep up with current events.


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