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HART: Dems Can’t Call Trump ‘Hitler’ For Years And Then Act Surprised

On Saturday, Donald Trump happened to turn his ample head at exactly the right time to miss being gravely shot by less than an inch. That would have left America with only two guys, both brain damaged, to vote for president in November...

CPAC Now: Unidos with Mercedes Schlapp and Senator of Paraguay Gustavo Leite

Updated: Jun 27

CPAC Now’s new Spanish-language programming, CPAC Unidos, debuted with Mercedes Schlapp and Senator from Paraguay Gustavo Leite discussing the conservative movement in Latin America.

After developing friendships in the international community, holding conferences in Mexico and Brazil, and traveling to Spain just this year, CPAC is now continuing its global reach and partnership with Latino conservatives through CPAC Unidos. Unidos provides updates from Latino leaders in the United States and around the world on how they are advancing the message of freedom and the challenges they face in their efforts to do so.  

In this episode, Leite discusses how Paraguay is battling back the Left’s efforts to bring woke ideology to their country and eradicate the strong Catholic and Christian cultures of Latin America at large.  

Watch the full episode on Rumble and social media @CPAC, and for more, follow @mercedesschlapp on social media and visit  


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The Culture Killers: The Woke Wars

Watch this award winning documentary by CPAC. The woke wars are coming to a neighborhood near you. From major corporations to school boards to social media, free expression is under attack.

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