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CPAC Recap: Day 3 of CPAC in DC 2024

The final day of this year's CPAC conference threw deathly blows at globalism with speeches from President Donald Trump, Kari Lake, Argentina president Javier Milei, and Steve Bannon. Saturday's speakers put an exclamation point on the weekend's stand for freedom with strong statements on the importance of free and fair elections, border security, limited government, and more to curb the spread of fascism around the globe. The day's speeches were followed by a celebratory watch party for President Donald Trump's victory in the South Carolina Republican primary.

See these speeches and others on the CPAC livestream available here.

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Gri P
Gri P
Feb 27

CPAC is an undemocratic misguided movement that is indifferent to democracy. Steve Bannon has no regard for rule of law . CPAC supports Trump not the Republican party. Trump is a serial liar and a criminal. This is what CPAC supports. ''Donald Trump styled himself as a “proud political dissident” and promised “judgment day” for political opponents in an address on Saturday that offered a chilling vision of a democracy in imminent peril.''@smithinamerica

Sat 24 Feb 2024 19.54 EST

Trump is no Ronald Reagan. I know what trump and his actors are trying to accomplish, which is despicable and a gross treasonous act against the democracy of the United States of America.


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