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CPAC’s Center for Combating Human Trafficking Joins Congress in Supporting Survivors

It comes as no surprise that human trafficking is a grim reality that not only victimizes the vulnerable but also perpetuates a cycle where survivors may be hit with collateral consequences, expanding the web of exploitation. Even after surviving abuse, victims of labor and sex trafficking are often left with limited financial resources, damaged reputations, and even criminal records.


Thankfully, lawmakers have come to recognize these challenges only push victims further into the arms of their traffickers and more must be done to provide a safe pathway back into society. With the help of CPAC’s Center for Combating Human Trafficking, Congressman Russell Fry (R-SC) introduced the Trafficking Survivors Relief Act, a comprehensive bill focused on redemption and rehabilitation for victims who have earned a second chance.


When CPAC launched our new policy center, focusing on the needs of victims was our top priority. Through the leadership of conservatives in Congress, our country is finally taking the necessary steps to heal survivors which then allows us to focus law enforcement resources on holding these evil traffickers accountable. As Congressman Fry spoke about directly to CPAC, this new legislative effort strikes the right balance between victims’ rights and public safety.


Mar 06

While on a Federal Criminal Grand Jury, I was surprised to find it in the SF By Area.

It's everywhere.

Mar 06
Replying to

Rich people screwing poor people.

Same song.


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