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DHS Secretary Mayorkas Confirms RFK Jr. Will Get Secret Service Protection

The secretary made the announcement on July 15, two days after a failed assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump...

CPAC Supports Safer Michigan Act

Last week, CPAC travelled to Lansing, Michigan to speak before the state Senate Judiciary Committee in support of the Safer Michigan Act.  

The act proposes productivity credits for inmates who participate in reintegration programs. The credits would incentivize good behavior by reducing time in prison. They also hold the potential to reduce recidivism and ease reentrance into society by providing prisoners with valuable job skills.   

Policy Analyst Helen Weston represented the CPAC Foundation Nolan Center for Justice before the Senate Judiciary Committee. She argued for the act’s potential to positively contribute to modernizing the criminal justice system, uplifting convicted criminals into productive members of society, protecting victims, and reducing strain on the justice system’s and taxpayer resources.  

“The justice system should focus on public protection, deterrence, and rehabilitation, ensuring that prisoners are equipped with the necessary skills to thrive once they return home because we know they will and ensure victims are educated and protected throughout the process. Luckily, the Safer Michigan Act checks both boxes,” stated Weston.  

The Safer Michigan Act is similar to the CPAC-backed First Step Act signed by President Donald Trump which has proven successful in reducing recidivism rates to 12% as of 2023. 

Legislation like the First Step Act and the Safer Michigan Act aligns with CPAC’s mission to promote liberty, protect life, and advance public safety. 

Watch Weston’s remarks online here.  


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