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Human Trafficking is Happening in Our Backyards, and We Can't Ignore It

Modern day slavery is a crisis that continues to plague men, women, and children across the globe. Yet, recent law enforcement investigations remind us that human trafficking is not confined to foreign countries; it's happening right in our backyards.

Over the past month, a series of undercover operations across the U.S. have resulted in hundreds of arrests linked to human trafficking. In Texas, 134 individuals were apprehended for commercial sex transactions in a five-day operation supported by multiple law enforcement agencies. Ohio’s "Operation Buyer’s Remorse" led to 160 individuals facing charges and over 100 survivors identified. In Florida, a week-long operation in Polk County led to over 200 arrests, even including Disney employees and a schoolteacher.

The open-border policies under the Biden administration are practically welcoming these traffickers with open arms. The number of people arrested and charged with human smuggling over the past year has surged to over 5,046, compared to 2,762 in 2014. It is now more important than ever to prioritize border security and stop human traffickers from coming across our borders. The safety of our communities depends on it.


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