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Secret Service Says Trump ‘Is Safe’ After Apparent Gunshot Injury at Rally

The former president grabbed his right ear before Secret Service agents...

Schlapp Down: Episode #2 with Matt and Mercedes Schlapp

The Schlapps react to footage of President Biden freezing on stage and requiring the help of President Obama to find his way off stage at a fundraiser in L.A. and much more on the second episode of Schlapp Down.  

“Look, we just have to know with the campaign team and the White House team this is nothing new, just a little bit worse. This’ll get worse every week, every month. It's a progressive problem,” commented Matt Schlapp on Biden’s obvious decline. He added sarcastically, “Look, I’m for Joe Biden running. I think it’s great that he’s showing that a senile man can win the presidency...We got to leave him alone, and then we ought to beat him.” 

Biden’s decline was also on full display at the G7 Summit and at the president’s visit with Pope Francis in the Vatican. Later in the show, the Schlapps reacted to videos of antisemites threatening Zionists on a subway, Jillian Michaels ranting against woke victim culture, and Nancy Pelosi calling for the psycho-evaluation of President Trump and intervention from his family. 

Watch the Schlapps’ full take on current events on the Schlapp Down on social media @CPAC. 


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