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Secret Service Says Trump ‘Is Safe’ After Apparent Gunshot Injury at Rally

The former president grabbed his right ear before Secret Service agents...

Schlapp Down with Matt & Mercedes Schlapp: Episode #3

Matt and Mercedes Schlapp weigh in on the first presidential debate, Kamala Harris’ BET awards cameo, and more on this edition of the Schlapp Down.  

The Schlapps react to a clip of Jill Biden speaking to supporters after the debate and the moment during the debate when President Biden falsely claimed to be endorsed by Border Patrol. Both clips indicate the president’s deteriorating health condition and point to someone else pulling the strings behind the scenes.  

“I did always have moments where I thought he was going to fall over. [It] was so scary,” Mercedes Schlapp said of Biden’s appearance during the debate. 

“The biggest lie in the history of America is Dr. Jill Biden saying that Joe Biden’s fine to serve. She knows he’s not. Hunter Biden knows he’s not. All those people around Joe Biden, Karine Jean-Pierre, all these people, they’re all lying to us on a daily basis,” commented Matt Schlapp.  

Biden’s bad health is eclipsing the fact that his campaign is also losing on the issues. Border patrol, in fact, is not endorsing him because they see the evil and danger that has resulted from his open border policies, and minority communities are not relating to the Biden campaign, despite Harris’ efforts, because they see how crime and cost of living have risen under Biden.  

Watch the Schlapps’ full reactions to the Biden campaign and Leftists’ hysterics after the Supreme Court ruling in Trump v. United States on social media and Rumble @CPAC.  


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