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HART: Dems Can’t Call Trump ‘Hitler’ For Years And Then Act Surprised

On Saturday, Donald Trump happened to turn his ample head at exactly the right time to miss being gravely shot by less than an inch. That would have left America with only two guys, both brain damaged, to vote for president in November...

Steve Bannon – CPAC Hungary 2024

Host of WarRoom Steve Bannon addressed the international crowd of conservatives at CPAC Hungary 2024 via recorded message with high praise for Hungary’s strong conservative culture and leadership in the international sovereignty movement. 

He described Hungary as “a nation that is a leader and an individual that is not just a leader in Viktor Orbán but inspiring young leaders throughout the world to step up, and that’s why we can’t thank you enough for what you’re doing in this fight.” 

With America falling from glory as the Left imprisons and bankrupts President Donald Trump and his political allies, including Bannon himself, the free world needs a new leader, and Hungary has risen to the occasion. Hungary under the guidance of Viktor Orbán has demonstrated that conservative principles in action work and that it’s possible to stand up to globalism of the Left.  

Bannon had these encouraging words for the conservative movement, “If we don’t quit, we win. If we don’t quit, we win, and they will do everything to make sure you quit.” 

Watch Bannon’s full remarks here.  


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