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The American First Bar Association – CPAC 2024

President Donald Trump is bearing the brunt of the Left’s lawfare and putting the full extent of it on public display. Mike Davis of the Article III Project, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, North Carolina Congressman Dan Bishop, and Stephen Miller America of First Legal sat down at a CPAC in DC 2024 panel to discuss strategies to combat such lawfare.  

The panel of legal experts suggests conservatives start by electing good attorneys general on the state level. 

As Miller commented, “The only way out of this nightmare is going to be filling every legal office in this country with Dan Bishops and Ken Paxtons.” 

From there, attorneys general can follow the lead of Ken Paxton and Dan Bishop and reign in big tech’s monopolies and censorship and establish additional safeguards to protect Americans’ constitutional rights and the integrity of the justice system.  

Paxton, who was subjected to lawfare by members of his own party, issues the warning that while conservatives are fighting lawfare, they need to be on guard for attacks from all sides, “We need to be very aware that it’s not just the liberal Democrats that are doing this but some in our own party and we need to hold them accountable.” 

The Left’s lawfare is spreading deep roots across the nation, and conservatives need to create a network of legal officials with integrity to match.  

“We’ve got to lean. We’ve also got to use every tool at our disposal to fight them back,” urged Bishop.  

Watch the full conversation between these patriotic legal warriors on Rumble @CPAC.  


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