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Netanyahu to Address Congress Amid Ongoing War, US Election Shakeup

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address a joint session of the U.S. Congress on the afternoon of July 24...

The CPAC Movement Protects Freedom Worldwide

CPAC is so much more than a yearly conference. It’s an entire movement of passionate patriots defending freedom all year long all over the world.  

Our movement is made up of conservative thinkers, elected officials, grassroots activists, and regular Americans just living their lives. Our efforts combined spread the message of conservative values, which is that we flourish when freedom reigns, the rule of law is respected, and God is at the center of our lives.  

As an organization, we work to defend life, liberty, and property for all Americans through advocacy. We also empower our grassroots activists to do so in their everyday lives in their churches, families, and friend groups. 

The CPAC annual conferences are just the launch pad to take the conservative message everywhere. They are meant to invigorate patriots to go out into the world, outside of conservative circles and share the truth and beauty of freedom with everyone they meet, and with CPAC international conferences, the movement is now global, rallying grassroots conservatives in all four corners of the world.

The CPAC movement is a movement of strong and determined patriots who love their country and are out in the world every single day working to defend liberty from the evil forces of the Left.

Join the CPAC movement and learn more at  


America Uncanceled

Hosted by Matt and Mercy

It's Not About Us

Hosted by Elaine Beck

Liberty and Justice

Hosted by Matt Whitaker

The Bill Walton Show

Hosted by Bill Walton

Stream the Movement

The Culture Killers: The Woke Wars

Watch this award winning documentary by CPAC. The woke wars are coming to a neighborhood near you. From major corporations to school boards to social media, free expression is under attack.

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