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Poll: Trump Leads Biden, Garners Nearly 1/4 of Black Voter Support

Former President Donald Trump is edging out President Joe Biden and garnering support from nearly a quarter of black voters, a recent survey from CBS News/YouGov found...

The CPAC Revolution, Taking Back Our Parties: PM Liz Truss at CPAC in DC 2024

When Liz Truss became Prime Minister of England in September of 2022, she had a plan to bring economic prosperity, national sovereignty, and stability back to the country.  

She planned to finalize the Brexit deal, expand domestic fracking and end reliance on Russian and Chinese energy, shrink the bloated administrative state, clean up the immigration system, cut taxes, and stop the spread of “wokenomics”.  In short, she aimed to put a stop to the Left’s growing control of the world and calculated erosion of freedom.  

Indeed, as she stated in her speech at CPAC in DC 2024, “The reality is the West has been run by the Left for too long and we’ve seen that it’s been a complete disaster.” 

The Left reinforced this reality with its attacks on Truss’ policies through the media, corporations, and government agencies, including the Office of Budget Responsibility and the Bank of England, attacks that ultimate stunted Truss’ plans. She even faced attacks from the IMF and President Biden who ironically took issue with her economic policies. Further still, Truss’ plans, though seemingly basic conservative policies, were even thwarted by some of her fellow Tories. 

“The reality is with that level of antagonism, I simply was not able to implement those policies, which I believe and conservative party members believe, would have delivered for our country, and frankly, I didn’t have enough support from conservative MPs as well in order to be able to do that. So, this is the lesson that I have learnt. I’ve learnt it’s not enough just to have the right policies. It’s not even enough to get the position of power that you need to deliver those policies because conservatives are now operating in what is a hostile environment, and we essentially need a bigger bazooka in order to be able to deliver,” she explained. 

Truss’ experience demonstrates that conservatives face challenges from all sides. Not only are conservatives finding opposition from the Left but also from within their own parties from unprincipled sellout CINOs and RINOs. 

Fortunately, Truss offers another plan to counter these challenges and take back conservative parties in the West. 

“I think we have got to challenge the institutions themselves. We’ve got to challenge the system itself, and we’ve got to be prepared to take that on as conservatives,” she proposed. 

She urges conservatives worldwide to take inspiration from the American Founding Fathers who challenged the established government to advocate for the will of the people. Renewed realization of the exceptionality of countries like England and America, the teaching of fact-based history, and electing strong, reliable conservatives are key to defeating the Left’s growing chokehold on the world.  

Truss declared, “We have ten years to save the West. Let’s get to it now.” 

Watch Truss' full remarks on Twitter @CPAC.


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