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The Winners and Losers of CPAC’s 2023 State Ratings: Florida

Florida earned itself the distinction of “setting the standard for conservative policy in the U.S.” in CPAC’s 2023 state ratings, and rightfully so. Florida lawmakers executed a well-rounded legislative year doing everything from bolstering election security  to protecting  Florida children, defending life, protecting Second Amendment rights, striking back against ESG, fighting illegal immigration, and reforming the state criminal justice system.  

Let’s look at the bills that made 2023 a productive year for Florida.  

Lawmakers took a proactive approach to election security with S 7050 that established multiple election safeguards, including keeping noncitizens out of the voting process and offering signature matching training to election officials. Bill S 4 (SS) reinforced the consequences and illegality of election interference by making illegal voting activities prosecutable by the Office of Statewide Prosecutions. 

Florida not only protected their elections last year, but they also protected their children. S 254 prohibits the use of taxpayer dollars to fund transgender procedures on minors and allows the state to revoke the licenses of doctors who practice transgender procedures on minors. H 1 empowers parents to protect their children by expanding school choice and offering vouchers to all families regardless of income or location. H 1069 prohibits the teaching of gender identity and sexuality to elementary school students and protects teachers and students from being forced to use another’s pronouns. 

Two more laws struck back at ESG initiatives and established safeguards from ESG regulations. H 1281 blocks future Democrat-backed gas stove bans with new regulations that prevent the restriction of household appliances, and H 3 prohibits the use of state tax dollars on ESG initiatives.  

Lawmakers made it clear in 2023 that they will not be tolerating illegal Immigration either. S 1718 prevents the recognition of driver’s licenses obtained by illegal immigrants in other states and the issuing of documentation to illegal immigrants. S 6 (SS) does even more to fight illegal immigration by relocating illegal immigrants from Florida to blue cities and states that have declared themselves sanctuaries for illegal aliens.  

In the criminal justice reform realm, legislators passed S 376 that removes potential obstacles to employment and productivity for some arrested individuals by providing for the removal of certain non-conviction arrest records. Further, S 1478 proposed to improve probation processes but was not signed into law.  

Florida lawmakers also defended life with S 300 that protects unborn children by prohibiting abortions after six weeks, and they bolstered Second Amendment rights through H 543 that does not require an individual to carry a license while carrying certain firearms. 

All in all, Florida lawmakers had a productive year in 2023, getting wins for freedom on a variety of issues.


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