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Trump on Surviving Assassination Attempt: ‘You Appreciate God Even More’

Former President Barack Obama has reportedly told allies in recent days that President Joe Biden's path to victory has greatly diminished, and he thinks the president needs to seriously consider the viability of his candidacy...

Trump's Wall Vs. Biden's Gaps: Julio Rosas, Tom Homan, Rep. Mark Green, Sara Carter- CPAC in DC 2024

President Joe Biden has completely reversed the progress President Donald Trump made in securing the border. The abandoned border wall stands as an ode to the valiant efforts of the Trump administration to assert sovereignty and protect American citizens while the gaping holes left by the Biden administration demonstrate the carelessness and neglect of the current president and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.  

Investigative journalists Julio Rosas and Sara Carter, Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security Tennessee Representative Mark Green, and former Acting Director of ICE Tom Homan sat down at CPAC in DC 2024 to discuss Biden’s open border policies, their repercussions, and how to fight them. 

Biden and Mayorka’s open border policies have ordered border patrol and law enforcement to not enforce the law but to deliberately and premeditatively skirt the law.  

“The reason I wake up pissed off every day is because this administration, Joe Biden’s the first president in the history of this nation who came in office and unsecured the border on purpose,” Homan weighed in.  

The results of this lax attitude have been disastrous. Human trafficking has skyrocketed. The stream of fentanyl into the country has exploded into a full-blown epidemic, taking the lives of thousands of innocent Americans, even a young baby killed by fentanyl left by a previous tenant in a Florida VRBO. Not only are dangerous drugs flooding across the border but dangerous people, spies from our nemeses are also flooding the open southern border.  

“There isn’t an American who is safe right now because of this open border and the failure of this secretary,” summarized Green. 

Fighting back against these results starts with electing, whenever possible, reliable, conservative officials who will support national security and will shut down the border.  

Carter put it simply, “The humane way to handle the border for both the illegal aliens, illegal migrants that are heading this way and for our nation is to enforce the law. Period.” 

Watch the full discussion on Rumble @CPAC.  

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