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The US pier in Gaza is facing its latest challenge — whether the UN will keep delivering the aid

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S.-built pier to bring food to Gaza is facing one of its most serious challenges yet — its humanitarian partner is deciding if it’s safe to keep delivering supplies arriving by sea to starving Palestinians...

CPAC and ACUF Release Scorecard of Kentucky Lawmakers

The American Conservative Union Foundation conducts an annual, in-depth analysis to rate all 8,000 lawmakers in America, revealing their positions on a wide variety of issues directly affecting our communities and families.

Check out the press release below with more details and please take action!

It only takes three minutes to let your legislators know that their score from the American Conservative Union Foundation is important to you, and you expect them to support more conservative policies.

New CPAC Analysis – KY Legislature’s Battle Against Gov. Andy Beshear
Awards to be Presented to Top-Scoring Kentucky Lawmakers at CPAC

ALEXANDRIA, VA (January 12, 2022)— As the state’s legislative session kicks off, a number of Kentucky legislators are set to be recognized at CPAC for their conservative voting records based off of a just released analysis from ACUF’s Center for Legislative Accountability. Lawmakers received high marks for combatting Gov. Andy Beshear’s excessive COVID-19 shutdown policies and for their efforts to advance conservative legislation protecting life and expanding school choice.

Click Here to view the 2021 Ratings of Kentucky

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) will be taking place in Orlando, Florida from February 24-27, 2022. To earn an invitation, a lawmaker must vote with the conservative position at least 80% of the time, as calculated by the American Conservative Union Foundation’s Center for Legislative Accountability.

The following lawmakers received the highest ratings in their respective chambers:


Stephen West (89%)

Wil Schroder (89%)

Paul Hornback (88%)

John Schickel (88%)

Jimmy Higdon (85%)

Adrienne Southworth (85%)

Matt Castlen (83%)


Savannah Maddox (96%)

Lynn Bechler (92%)

Matt Lockett (92%)

Kevin Bratcher (91%)

Felicia Rabourn (90%)

Jennifer Decker (88%)

Jerry T. Miller (88%) 

Click Here to view the PDF version of the ratings

Among the 53 roll call votes scored by the American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF) is the legislation to expand school choice (HB 563), efforts to protect life ( SB 9, HB 91), legislation limiting Gov. Beshear’s excessive “State of Emergency” powers (SB 1, HB 1), and the major pension reform package (HB 258).

ACUF’s Ratings of Congress and Ratings of the States are initiatives of American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF)’s Center for Legislative Accountability (CLA). These ratings are designed to reflect how more than 8,000 elected officials across the nation view the role of government while illustrating the differences between chambers of the legislature and revealing lawmakers’ positions across 186 policy areas that directly affect citizens.


Chip in to support ACUF’s Ratings

Our staff spends thousands of hours analyzing more than 105,000 pieces of legislation voted on by Congress and every state legislature in the country. Your support is critical to be able to provide this level of insight and transparency. Will you please make a tax-deductible donation today to support transparency and ratings of Kentucky legislators?



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