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Violent Standoff Outside LA Synagogue Leads to Arrest

One person was arrested on misdemeanor charges Sunday during an altercation between pro-Palestinian protesters and counterdemonstrators supporting Israel outside a Los Angeles synagogue Sunday...

CPAC Releases Minnesota Legislative Scorecard, Illuminating the Severe Consequences of Empowering Democrats.

ALEXANDRIA, VA (February 6, 2024) — CPAC Foundation’s analysis reveals that the ascension of the DFL to full power in Minnesota has, as is to be expected, pushed Minnesota legislation far to the Left. Without the balancing power of a Republican-led Senate, 94% of the liberal bills scored by CPAC in the Senate became law (compared to only 30% from when power was more divided). Increased Leftism of both legislative chambers has also made many Republicans appear more conservative in their voting patterns. For this reason, there is considerable fluctuation upwards in the scores for many Republicans.


“The loss of Minnesota to full socialist control is a tragic one,” said CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp. “Leftists have taken full advantage of this opportunity to advance their war on life and biological realities. If only Republicans were as opportunistic.”

CPAC recognizes the following members of the Minnesota State Legislature for earning CPAC’s Award for Conservative Excellence for voting with the conservative position at least 90% of the time during the 2023 session.



Bruce Anderson (94%)

Calvin Bahr (94%)

Steve Drazkowski (94%)

Steve Green (94%)

Glenn Gruenhagen (94%)

Jeff Howe (94%)

Mark Koran (94%)

Eric Lucero (94%)

Torrey Westrom (94%)

Jordan Rasmusson  (94%)

Michael Kreun (93%)

Jason Rarick (93%)

Bill Lieske (93%)

Nathan Wesenberg (93%)


Matt Grossell (100%)

Shane Mekeland (100%)

Jim Joy (95%)

Harry Niska (95%)

Joe Schomaker (95%)

Isaac Schultz (95%)

Ben Davis (94%)

Josh Heintzman (94%)

Chris Swedzinski (94%)

Pam Altendorf (94%)

Marj Fogelman (94%)

Mike Wiener (94%)

Brian Daniels (94%)

Walter Hudson (94%)

Ron Kresha (94%)

Paul Torkelson (94%)

Joe McDonald (93%)

Additionally, many lawmakers in the Minnesota State Legislature earned CPAC’s Award for Conservative Achievement for voting with the conservative position at least 80% of the time during the 2023 session. Their names are highlighted in gray on the scorecard.

The bills featured in CPAC’s 2023 Ratings of Minnesota expand radical gender ideology, the pro-abortion agenda, and decrease election security. These issues, coupled with our mission to protect life, liberty, property and upholding the American family, created the basis by which the CPAC Foundation rated the Minnesota legislature.

The Center for Legislative Accountability (CLA), an initiative of the CPAC Foundation, is the premier organization for holding lawmakers accountable. The CLA produces the longest-running conservative congressional scorecard and our state program is the only one in the nation that scores all 8,000 lawmakers in the 50 states across every policy area.



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