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Violent Standoff Outside LA Synagogue Leads to Arrest

One person was arrested on misdemeanor charges Sunday during an altercation between pro-Palestinian protesters and counterdemonstrators supporting Israel outside a Los Angeles synagogue Sunday...

CPAC Releases Kansas Legislative Scorecard, Revealing a Fierce Battle Between the Republican Legislature and the Leftist Governor Laura Kelly.

ALEXANDRIA, VA (February 7, 2024) — CPAC Foundation’s analysis reveals the Republican majority legislature in Kansas passed a multitude of conservative bills, earning Republican members an average score in the mid-80s. However, their slim supermajority in the legislature turned the session into a frustrating struggle to cobble together enough votes to defeat most of Governor Laura Kelly’s vetoes.


“Governor Laura Kelly is a hard left Democrat trying to disguise herself as a moderate, which is why she sounds reasonable from time-to-time. However, she is the main to impediment to passing commonsense legislation,” said CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp.

CPAC recognizes the following members of the Kansas State Legislature for earning CPAC’s Award for Conservative Excellence for voting with the conservative position at least 90% of the time during the 2023 session.


Virgil Peck (100%)

Mark Steffen (100%)

Alicia Straub (100%)

Caryn Tyson (100%)

Mike Thompson (95%)

Beverly Gossage (95%)

Kellie Warren (95%)

Molly Baumgardner (90%)

Renee Erickson (90%)


Brett Fairchild (100%)

Randy Garber (100%)

Michael Houser (100%)

Bill Rhiley (100%)

Francis Awerkamp (95%)

Brian Bergkamp (95%)

Doug Blex (95%)

Ron Bryce (95%)

Leo Delperdang (95%)

Duane Droge (95%)

Susan Estes (95%)

Fred Gardner (95%)

Scott Hill (95%)

Kyle Hoffman (95%)

Cyndi Howerton (95%)

Trevor Jacobs (95%)

Brenda Landwehr (95%)

Bob Lewis (95%)

Carl Maughan (95%)

Stephen Owens (95%)

Webster Roth (95%)

Clarke Sanders (95%)

Kenny Titus (95%)

Adam Turk (95%)

Carl Turner (95%)

Paul Waggoner (95%)

Barbara Wasinger (95%)

Timothy Johnson (95%)

Kristey Williams (95%)

Tom Kessler (94%)

Carrie Barth (90%)

Emil Bergquist (90%)

Lewis Bloom (90%)

Ken Corbet (90%)

Owen Donohoe (90%)

Ronald Ellis (90%)

Robyn Essex (90%)

Steven Howe (90%)

Leah Howell (90%)

Susan Humphries (90%)

Les Mason (90%)

Lisa Moser (90%)

Michael Murphy (90%)

Lance Neely (90%)

Patrick Penn (90%)

Pat Proctor (90%)

Joe Seiwert (90%)

Charles Smith (90%)

Sean Tarwater (90%)

Jeff Underhill (90%)

Additionally, many lawmakers in the Kansas State Legislature earned CPAC’s Award for Conservative Achievement for voting with the conservative position at least 80% of the time during the 2023 session. Their names are highlighted in gray on the scorecard.

The bills featured in CPAC’s 2023 Ratings of Kansas address election security, radical gender ideology, and taxes. These issues, coupled with our mission to protect life, liberty, property and upholding the American family, created the basis by which the CPAC Foundation rated the Kansas legislature.

The Center for Legislative Accountability (CLA), an initiative of the CPAC Foundation, is the premier organization for holding lawmakers accountable. The CLA produces the longest-running conservative congressional scorecard and our state program is the only one in the nation that scores all 8,000 lawmakers in the 50 states across every policy area.



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