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ALEXANDRIA, VA (February 15, 2024) – President Javier Milei of Argentina will speak at CPAC in DC 2024. CPAC will be held on February 21-24, 2024, at the Gaylord National outside of Washington, DC hosting thousands of national and international grassroots activists and top conservative speakers from across the world. Patricia Bullrich, the Minister of National Security from Argentina will also be speaking at the CPAC International Summit earlier in the week. President Milei is focused on fighting socialism and corruption in his nation. He will deliver a strong message to the Hispanic community within the United States to protect their freedoms and families in America.

Matt Schlapp, CPAC Chairman stated, “We are immensely gratified that President Javier Milei of Argentina will address the activists at CPAC. Mercy and I had the honor of meeting President Milei at CPAC Mexico as he was beginning his historic campaign, and we believe he has captured the spirit of those who see the treachery of globalist elites. American patriots are rooting for him to succeed and we also like the chainsaw.”

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