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Violent Standoff Outside LA Synagogue Leads to Arrest

One person was arrested on misdemeanor charges Sunday during an altercation between pro-Palestinian protesters and counterdemonstrators supporting Israel outside a Los Angeles synagogue Sunday...

CPAC Releases Tennessee Legislative Scorecard, Revealing Democrats Descending Further Left as Conservative Achieve Policy Victories.

ALEXANDRIA, VA (June 16, 2023)CPAC Foundation’s analysis reveals that Democrat lawmakers in Tennessee grew increasingly liberal, earning their lowest scores on record since CPAC began rating Tennessee 10 years ago. Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers in Tennessee voted conservatively at rates that were an overall improvement from the previous session.


“The era of the ‘Blue Dog Democrat’ in Tennessee is dead,” said CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp. “Just years ago Democrats averaged scores in the low forties, but the Democrat party of today has gone fully woke and Marxist, averaging just a 9% conservative rating. The voters of Tennessee are onto this and have handed the power to a conservative Governor and legislature who are driving their state toward conservative outcomes.”

Several Tennessee state legislators are recognized by CPAC for their conservative voting records based on a just-released analysis from CPAC Foundation’s Center for Legislative Accountability.

The following members of the Tennessee State Legislature earned CPAC’s Award for Conservative Excellence for voting with the conservative position at least 90% of the time during the 2022 session:


Mark Pody (95%)

Joey Hensley (91%)

Frank S. Niceley (91%)

Kerry Roberts (91%)

Janice Bowling (90%)


Tim Rudd (95%)

Brandon Ogles (94%)

Scott Cepicky (90%)

Dan Howell (90%)

Tom Leatherwood (90%)

Debra Moody (90%)

John Ragan (90%)

Jay D. Reedy (90%)

Mike Sparks (90%)

Bryan Terry (90%)

Chris Todd (90%)

Greg Vital (90%)

Terri Lynn Weaver (90%)

Additionally, a large number of lawmakers in the Tennessee State Legislature earned CPAC’s Award for Conservative Achievement for voting with the conservative position at least 80% of the time during the 2022 session.

The bills featured in CPAC’s 2022 Ratings of Tennessee address protecting girls sports, Second Amendment rights, school curriculum transparency, and election integrity. These issues, coupled with our mission to protect life, liberty, property and uphold the American family, created the basis by which the CPAC Foundation rated the Tennessee legislature.

The Center for Legislative Accountability (CLA), an initiative of the CPAC Foundation, is the premier organization for holding lawmakers accountable. The CLA produces the longest-running conservative congressional scorecard and our state program is the only one in the nation that scores all 8,000 lawmakers in the 50 states across every policy area.



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