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CPAC Supports Vote to Dismiss Impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton

Much like the political prosecution currently happening in jurisdictions around the country of President Donald J. Trump, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is facing a similar battle, but this time originating from his own party. 


The charges put forth by leadership in the Texas legislature were adjudicated last election cycle. Millions of dollars in television, mail, and digital ads hit Attorney General Paxton for months in both the primary and general election. In the end, Attorney General Paxton came out victorious. The people of Texas, the real jurors in the case, decided that the leadership Attorney General Paxton has shown since being elected was worth another term in office.


Attorney General Ken Paxton has been one of the strongest fighters against President Biden’s far left administration’s overreach. He also has won cases at the Supreme Court defending both Life and our southern border. Sadly, a small group of legislators are wielding their power to undo an election where the people of Texas made their voices heard and chose to keep Ken Paxton as their Attorney General. This is a misuse of power entrusted to our elected officials and should not stand.


The Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC) stands with Attorney General Ken Paxton. We will recommend to our sister organization, the CPAC Foundation’s Center to Legislative Accountability (Ratings), that a vote to dismiss this impeachment to be scored positively.

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