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America UnCanceled: @Stella_Morabito joins to discuss her book, The Weaponization of Loneliness

America is suffering from an epidemic of loneliness, and author of “The Weaponization of Loneliness” Stella Morabito explains the epidemic is the result of a deliberate plan from the Left taken from an ages old playbook. 

The Left has deployed identity politics and cancel culture to compartmentalize individuals into specific groups and force conformity while isolating, censoring, and ostracizing those who do not conform. The COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns further enforced a sense of conformity by doubling down on censorship and adding physical isolation to the existing social isolation created by identity politics and cancel culture.  

“Political censorship is designed to isolate us, get us to shut up about what we believe, or even lie about what we believe, and that creates even more isolation even though people think they’re getting relief from isolation by obeying this conformity impulse,” explained Morabito. “When you look at political correctness and the censorship industrial’s really an anti-thought, anti-friendship, anti-conversation process and when you isolate people it sort of creates a captor-hostage situation.” 

In this way, the Left has weaponized loneliness to force dependency on the state and eradicate freedom of speech and thought.  

In response, Morabito has started Stella’s Book Club. Her book club offers community to those who dare to think freely and who otherwise would be isolated by the Left’s culture of conformity. The club and Morabito’s book combat the weaponization of loneliness with more speech and diverse conversation. Learn more about the club at and find “The Weaponization of Loneliness” online.  

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